☆ I solemnly swear I will work harder next year

Dear Exams,
You are causing me great trouble in my life at the moment. Not only is it bad enough that you're making me learn about pharmacy law and the million number of ways we can target cancer (this isn't even a cancer unit!) but for some reason, you decided to team up with the University so that we were only given one official week of revision. This wouldn't be so bad if you'd allowed the University to be sneaky and give us no lectures the week before, but considering we did still have lectures and have deadlines on that final week, then this week of official revision is not enough time, at all.
You are causing me great stress and anxiety, and you are causing my friends to be stressed and anxious, which causes me to be even more stressed.
I will happily celebrate your absence on Friday 24th May at 12:00pm. 

Making that same promise to myself that every student does during exam time. I've never wished so much for time to go both faster and slower at the same time.

After exams, can I go for breakfast with my favourite bee again, please? After all:
  1. Breakfast is my most favourite meal ever.
  2. He is my most favourite boy ever.
That's a win-win situation in my eyes. 


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