☆ 11 down, 1 to go

Tomorrow is my 9th week of University. It will (hopefully) be the last week that I'm in labs and it's the last week of November. And I know I say this every time the month ends, but, really, how has 2013 gone so quickly!? Imagine how reflective I'll feel as soon as the end of December comes...

So, beautiful Bath is getting ready for the Christmas market and I sneaked a peek of it being set up this week as I've been getting the bus to Uni/while I've been walking around town:

I absolutely love the Christmas market, regardless of how busy/how expensive everything is on the stalls. I love the atmosphere, the smell of mulled wine, the cutest and most unique items being sold; I even like the feeling of how cold my nose gets because I've been outside for so long! I'm a bit sad that this will be my last year at Bath because I just lovelovelove the market. I'm looking forward to when it will be finally all set up - maybe this year, I'll even ride the big carousel hehe. 

University wise, I've been in labs every day for the past 6 weeks. While it's been tiring, since I still have to wake up early and really concentrate, I've had a really enjoyable time and I think I will actually be a bit sad to leave the lab. It's been frustrating, since I've not been getting the results I want/know I should get, but at least now, I know I'm not cut out for research. 

I'm looking forward to Friday because I get to go and see my favourite boy and fingers crossed, if I can get good data this week, I won't have to have labs and so, I might be able to stay for longer than just a weekend with my boyfriend. I know he'll be working, but to be honest, I'm much more content waiting for him at his flat than missing him all the way in Bath.

This post is really quite pointless and really not interesting, but I'm just excited for this week to end. I really hope everything goes well, so wish me luck!


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