I can appreciate that it is past midnight on a day in late January, so, already, you know that I'm not very good at grasping the idea of "new year, new hobbies". I'm not new to the idea of blogging; rather, I'm 'returning' after what has been a very long break.

The aim of this blog isn't that it will be a spectacular and amazing impact on your life. You won't find tutorials for make up here (I am barely capable of doing my own), and you won't find beautiful clothes here (if only my life were that glamorous): if anything, I'm doing this for myself. The idea that each and every day I spend at University is becoming less and less will never cease to surprise me: it seems to me that September 2010 was only a few months ago, but here we are, January 2013 and I've achieved more than I have yet to achieve.

How did I get here?

In a sense, this blog is going to be a virtual timeline for me. I want to be able to look back in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and say "yes; I became this person at this time because of these events". When I forget what song it is I used to sing with my flatmates in my living room, or what the postcode of my first year halls used to be, or who it was I played hide and seek with on the golf course at midnight, I want to be able to come back here and say "ah, that's what it was".

So, let's start here: my name is Annabel, I'm 20 years old, I do pharmacy at Bath University, and I love sunrises. Wherever life takes me in the future, at least I know these two things: I will always be Annabel and I will always, always love sunrises.