☆review; models own fruit pastel collection

While I realise before that I said I wouldn't be a blog that did these kinds of reviews and whatnot, I didn't say that I'd never do them, and if I had to do a review about anything beauty related, it would be about nail varnish because I have a seriously unhealthy relationship with nail varnish.

When I saw the advert for the fruit pastel, scented collection that Models Own were doing, I knew I had to have them. As they were being released around the same time as my birthday (give or take a week), I thought to myself that I could allow myself a treat and pre-ordered the set (along with like, 5 other random colours that I wanted: whoops...).

I was actually really surprised with how quickly my order came through because for some reason, I thought I'd be getting them around the 20th March, which is when they were scheduled to be available to buy online, but I actually got them on the 16th March. I remember this vividly because I was in my bed, hungover from my birthday celebrations, and my flatmate came up with this parcel, saying it was mine and I was like "what, but I didn't order anything..." and then opening it and seeing all my gorgeous new treats: it literally made me so happy.

Anyway, I hadn't ever ordered online before from Model's Own, but the set came in a nifty little box by itself (great for perfectionists like me, I love having boxes for everything):

So, the fruit pastel collection, as described on the Models Own website: 
Five pretty pastel shades that cleverly release an infused fruity scent, keeping fingers fresh and fashionable! Once dry they emit a subtle, but pretty perfume that matches their name. Complete with retro 'scratch and sniff' stickers!
The colours themselves aren't anything different: they're just pastel shades of the popular pink, green, blue, purple and yellow, but they are nice for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. There's strawberry tart (pink), blueberry muffin (blue), apple pie (green), banana split (yellow) and grape juice (purple).

While the sticker concept is super cool, the smells coming from them were a bit hit-and-miss with me, although I guess that doesn't really matter since I doubt you'll be sniffing the tops of your nail varnish bottles much, in reality. 
As far as the polish is concerned, it's very similar to the other consistencies of Models Own varnishes: two coats was enough for me, although I think I could have maybe done with three coats on some of my nails. I opted for the pink "strawberry tart" since I wanted something really girly again, having worn some deep, sultry colours on my nails for the past few weeks. 

See, the thing is, I didn't know they were meant to smell after they were painted on your nails because I'd opened them and didn't smell any hint of strawberry when I was actually painting, so I was a bit like, "oh, so it's just a pretty colour...".
However, I was really surprised to find that, actually, my nails do smell of strawberry! It's not very strong and I only smell them if I bring my hands really close to my face, but there is a scent of strawberry to match my pink nails, which is actually really strange, but in a good way.

I love the ingenuity and the idea of "scented" nail polish: I would have probably liked it more if the colours were a bit more, 'exciting', but I do realise that seeing as this is really quite a new thing, the safest bet is to go with the fruity choices, so, I can't blame Models Own for that. Personally, I wouldn't go buying any more of these, unless they were really exciting and bright and exotic (so, basically, I'd buy another fruity collection if they were weird fruits like mango or pineapple), but I'm excited to try out the rest of the collection for summer and I'm quite excited to see if other brands will branch out to this idea as well. 

For now, as a student who is currently revising for her exams and therefore throwing her hands in the air in vain every time she gets stressed by, oh, everything, the occasional smell of strawberry coming from my fingernails is enough to bring a little smile to my face, even if only for a brief second.