☆good thing my Spotify isn't connected to my Facebook account

I woke up today with this feeling,
That better things are coming my way,
And if the sunshine has a meaning,
It's telling me not to let things get in my way.
I mean, today has been a good day for a number of reasons: I woke up at the time I wanted to wake up. I finished my dissertation. The sun is shining. Revision is going good. I've handed in my lab report. I've done my poster presentation (which went much better than anticipated). I have a sweetie boyfriend. I have great friends.

Literally, life is good.

Now, May 24th, come quickly; I want to finish my exams, spend a week lazing around and chilling with my favourite people in Bath before celebrating the fact that I have met some amazing people while I've been at Uni by accompanying them to the summer ball.

Sneak peek at my summer ball dress!

It's very long (I'm 170cm, and even in my wedges, the dress trails on the floor), rather daringly low cut with some cut out panels and it's a beautiful cream-nude coloured background with this cute Oriental themed pattern. Needless to say, I'll be posting more sneaky pictures as the event draws ever nearer but that's more for me than it is for you guys. 

p.s. a big grey cloud has just passed into the sky. booo. but nothing can dampen my mood when I'm listening to my embarrassing playlist on Spotify. currently playing Busted's "You Said No": if that can't put a smile on my face, I don't quite know what can.


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