☆ sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

In the lane, snow is glistening.A beautiful sight, We're happy tonight,Walking in a winter wonderland.
So, I'm writing this blog post on the Saturday 14th December and I've just completed final 11 weeks of semester one ever. I have to say, it feels really strange. I won't be in Bath this time next year: hopefully, I'll be about half way through my pre-registration year back home in Kent.

These last two weeks of semester have just been so hectic. I went to visit my boyfriend in London the last weekend of November from the Friday to the following Tuesday. I treated myself to an extra long visit because I finished laboratory work that week and so, all I had left to do was to write up my project draft. We had a lovely time; he took me to see "Catching Fire" (even though those kinds of films are so not his thing) and also shopping in Westfields, and we even went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (hence the name of this blog post hehe). We didn't buy a single 'present' at all, but we did eat steak burgers, hot dogs, potato swirls, churros and all kinds of snacks....and then proceeded to have dinner afterwards. Oops.

Honestly, it feels like I was only in London last week or something: time has flown by since I came back to Bath for my final two weeks. It's been filled with birthday celebrations, Christmas carol services, dinners, catching up with friends, writing up my research project (90 pages, btw, in case you were wondering), hospital work experience resulting in me having to wake up at 5am, my boyfriend's graduation (where I saw him for literally 30 seconds before he had to go), lunch with my research project tutor, a Christmas meal with my closest and dearest and finally, ending the semester in our usual manner of Friday nights at Bridge.

I give all my praise to God in those two weeks, especially this week. I am the type of person who, when she makes plans, looks extremely forward to them happening weeks in advance. However, I knew that this week would be so jam-packed and tiring, and at the beginning of this week, it seemed that all of my plans were being cancelled last minute. Not only was this extremely disheartening, it also meant that all of my hard work in preparing was all lost and wasted. But God knows my heart and He knows me so well and everything I thought I wouldn't be able to do this week, I was able to: His timing is just so amazingly perfect and without Him, I would be able to just do nothing really.

I've come a long way since coming to Bath in 2010. Hopefully, I can push through one last (albeit, extremely stressful) semester and my hard work will be fruitful with the help of God~


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