☆ everything has changed

Who would have thought that it's already been 9 weeks since I started working as a pre-registration pharmacist in a hospital?!
Today marked the start of my 10th week and I can honestly say that I am having the best time. I have lovely work mates, the work is exciting and I love to work. I love that I'm independent and earning my own money and just everything about pre-reg is amazing. Working in a hospital was the best decision of my life: working at a hospital close to warm is an added bonus.

It's hard to write a blog post talking about it because I do so much writing already. Writing up MRs, or writing up evidences, or writing up audit proposals - always typing, always writing. Maybe that's why I haven't felt like writing a blog post for such a long time. These days, I come home and I'm shattered. All I want to do is crawl into bed and watch 90210 on Netflix (which, to be honest, doesn't sound really much different to how I was at university).

Speaking of university, my little sister officially became a fresher yesterday and moved into her new halls in Chester. I'm very sad that she's gone because she is such a fun presence and I love having her with me, but at the same time, I am so insanely proud of her and so happy that she has started this new chapter in her life, and it is the most exciting time of her life - meeting new friends whom she will keep forever, exciting new experiences and all those kinds of things. So, whilst I miss her dearly, I hope she doesn't miss me to much.

Just a little slice of life to keep this blog alive. Here's to new friends and new chapters, but let's never forget the old friends who got me to where I am now.


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