☆ 2015 resolutions

yes, I know that this is a week late, but I've thought really hard about what I want my resolutions to be for 2015. I don't want to just shallowly say "I will exercise more" because let's be honest here: that is not the top of my priorities right now. 
Does it still count if I add to the list throughout the year? I can have mid-year resolutions too, right? Anyway, my resolutions for the next year are as follows:
  • take more photos with my family
  • complain less
  • maintain a "thankful for...." diary and complete 365 days worth of entries
  • spend less money on myself and more on others
  • finish my Japanese learning book
  • splurge on one nice item once this year
  • phone my friends more often
  • eat out at more new restaurants
  • tell the people I love that I love them
Wishing everyone else good luck with their resolutions for the year ~


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