☆77 days

There have so far been 77 days of 2013. I just spent the last 5 days dragging out my birthday celebrations (shameful, I know, but I just love being the centre of attention hehe).

On Wednesday, I had a much needed catch up with my beautiful girlies. These girls were my first group of friends when I came to University those two-and-a-half years ago and even though I spend much less time with them now, they will always be the friends who helped me the most in a year when I was really able to find myself and figure out who I am. It was lovely to go back to a restaurant that we used to frequently visit in first year and just see how much had changed since we last met there: boyfriends, lost friends, new friends, but ultimately, still-the-same-old best friends.

Thursday was my actual birthday, which consisted of my favourite things: painting my nails, watching Hugh Grant (we watched 'Music and Lyrics' as a house: he's so cute, how could anybody not love him?) and generally using my 21st birthday as an excuse to not do any work hehe. I then went out for dinner with my closest friends (bar one very special boy of mine) where it hit me just how very blessed I am: as I sat at the head of the table, watching all of my friends, it made me realise that I am extremely loved, even though I don't necessarily deserve it from all of them. It's a very cheesy thing to say, but there's no other way to describe it: I just very much love all of these special people. Simple.

Needless to say, Saturday and Sunday was devoted purely to my favourite guy.
Since I was extremely hungover after my night out on Friday (also, reason number 1 why I don't like being 21: I get hangovers now. This is surely a sign of getting old), he came over to mine and gave me a cooking lesson (literally, I was the hands, he was the brain), and because he'd bought me some cake too (4 different cheesecakes from Patisserie Valerie: he knows me so well), we ended up pigging out and watching Glee into the evening.
Sunday was something we'd actually planned in advance and I won't bore you with details, but, it's funny how sometimes the best things in life are the parts that are completely and totally unplanned:

march 17th it shall be then; looking forward to anniversaries with you♡