☆march is my most favourite month

This is true for many reasons:

  • Spring time means that now, when I finish Uni at 6pm, the days are actually still kinda light. 
  • Couple ducks keep wandering around campus, in such a cute fashion, you wouldn't even believe it.
  • I actually didn't need to wear a coat on Tuesday (although British weather is so fickle, I'm wearing three layers today. silly weather)
  • It's my birthday this month, yayyy ~
However, this year, an extra reason why March is super awesome:
  • I got a summer hospital work experience placement! which, not a big deal for most people, I'm sure, but for a third year pharmacy student who wants to go into hospital once she's graduated, one of the biggest reasons to smile ever, heh
Today, a friend of mine who used to play a very, very large part of my life, but whom I haven't spoken to in almost 4 years text me. I don't know why, but I feel like this is big. This is huge. I used to continuously wander what happened to us: did those years of being friends not count, not matter? Was I the weak one for always thinking "I wonder how that person is now?" when I was so sure the same was never thought of me. And yet, walking through Bath city centre today in the rain, the little sound on my phone bringing with it such a big surprise.

I'm happy about it. but why does part of me also feel a bit guilty for being so happy? I feel so conflicted.
I'm sure that this is something God-given though and I'm sure that it has come at the perfect time. I'm sure this is something to teach me the same lesson I still have trouble with: that God's timing is always perfect, even when it seems like it has disrupted your whole life. 
I just have to remember this:

God is in control: He closes doors, but only when the next door to open contains something a million times better. Trust in Him. 


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