☆ ♡be mine, valentine♡

This year is actually the first year that I've ever had a valentine: everybody say "awww". So yes, never have I had the chocolate, the flowers, the special treatment or anything like that - usually, 14th February is just a normal day that passes by me, with not a second thought.

It was't anything too special: I had Uni until 6pm that day, which made it really difficult because we had dinner reservations at 7:30pm, which meant I had to get home from Uni, get ready and go back out to town again in about an hour? Lucky for me (and him), I am super efficient at getting ready. We went to have thai food, because, that seems to be our thing this year (last year, it was wagamama's) and then we went to the cinema, because that has always been our thing. Except the choice of film was so limited because a) it was already so late at night (we finished eating at about 9pm?) and b) we'd basically watched all the films together already, so, we ended up watching 'Wreck-It Ralph' (my inner Disney kid loved it and although he denies it, I'm sure he enjoyed it more than he was letting on).

It's funny, because on the surface, this is no different to what we normally do? I mean, eat out and then cinema: really, I can count so many evenings where we've done this before. I also wasn't expecting much out of this day at all - let's just say, the silly boy isn't very good with things like this. Of course, I thought about how nice it would be if he did remember and surprised me, but, as a realist, I knew I shouldn't expect much, just because it was valentine's day.

I need to give the boy more credit next time:

Thank youuu, KM, for being my valentine: you are a silly boy, but I'm glad you're my silly boy? ♡


  1. TOO CUTE, AHHHHHHH. He's a nice boy~ happy for you bee <3