I'm well on my way to becoming a domesticated Chinese housewife.

So, I sadly didn't go home for Chinese New Year this year, partly because it feels kind of weird to go back home after only one week of Uni? (Bath has such weird semester timings), so, my friend Wendi invited me round to hers and said we should make dumplings! While I was extremely up for this upon first hearing it, it did begin to dawn on me that actually, neither Wendi nor I had a single clue on how to make dumplings. Potentially a problem. However, it actually turned out amazingly well! (I hope the picture is enough proof for everyone ~).

My grandma once told me many things about CNY: you need to eat all your food on this day, you shouldn't cut your hair etc., but the one that stuck in my mind after all these years was always "make sure you are happy on this day because it means you'll be happy for the rest of the lunar year".
Well, I look forward to the rest of this lunar year then: bring it on, 2013.


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