☆baby steps

I don't think I will ever not wish that I was her. 

I totally had a K-pop throwback yesterday. I got into K-pop when I was in my GCSE year at school, so that must have been in 2007-2008? It's so funny because I can totally just remember how it started and it's also ironic that it was actually the Chinese subunit of a popular Korean group (Super Junior M) that got me sucked into this addicting and hilarious fandom.

I mean, since coming to university, I've lost touch with it a bit, but I still listen to some new music, thanks to my little sister, but what I really love listening to is all of the music on my iPod: first album SHINee, RDR!SNSD era, Davichi's first album, Super Junior M's first album etc.

There's really no point to this post; I think I just wanted to:

a) procrastinate
b) post a beautiful picture of Tiffany
c) talk (again) about how much I love all of the K-pop songs from about 2008-2010

(3 more days until my exams are over; last push! good luck to everyone else who has them this week too ~)


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