☆ s u m m e r t i m e

It is finally here.
What felt like endless amounts of hours of listening to lectures again, typing up over 400+ pages of notes in total and panicking and stressing....my exams are over, which officially means that summer 2013 is here.

I have a relatively busy week ahead; I'm going to the Bath Spa's on Tuesday (best treat for after exams: literally, I cannot wait to go to the rooftop pool) and then I also have lots of little lunches/dinners with girlfriends/the boyfriend and also, it's the summer ball on Saturday! I'm mega excited, to the point where I keep bugging my boyfriend to go and get his suit sorted already, but hopefully the weather is great on Saturday too! pictures to hopefully come hohoho~~

I'm also in the discussion with him about potentially going away for a few days with him this summer and I keep just suggesting Disneyland heh. what can I say, I am a child and I like the idea of being cheesy with him, okay?

However, the best thing about summer is not the lie-ins I can now have without feeling guilty, nor is it the freedom to do whatever I want, be it something or nothing, but I am literally loving the fact that I can do my nails whenever I want. yes, you heard right. I'm going to do them every week (maybe even twice a week!) so look out for those~~
I did these to my nails for my night out on Friday: end of exams does equal party time after all.

Base coat; 17 Super Shine 'Sphinx'. Top coat; Models Own hedkandi 'Ibiza Mix' 


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