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Since my last post, I just haven't had the time to properly write: partly because I was very busy up till last week, spending some last moments in Bath with friends and my boyfriend before coming home for the summer, but also because I've been moping about ever since coming home because I'm a) bored b) don't have a car still and c) lonely [none of my friends are home, my family are always busy and my boyfriend is 300 miles away. yes, boo hoo, I know, I'm pathetic.]

So, in the first week after my exams had finished, as British weather would have it, we had a weekend of perfect sunshine, followed by a couple of days of rain. I cried inside as I watched the rain fall because that same Saturday was the summer ball, which I'd been looking forward to since, I don't know, MARCH or something ridiculous like that. I wore a maxi dress that was long, even for me, so I knew that it would drag on the floor and if I had to add in rain and mud, I would honestly have just bought a new mini dress instead.
Thankfully for us, the weather perked up around Thursday/Friday, giving time for puddles and the general wetness associated with Britain to properly go away and wahey, along came Saturday! Two of my flatmates left on Saturday and I just remember rushing between cleaning my room, packing a bit (I was going to London the next morning for a family function early and I decided that would be a good time for me to give some luggage away to my parents to take away since I was going to be travelling home for good on public transport the next week), adding last minute touches to my outfit and getting hair and make-up done. phew. That's the boring bit, nobody wants to hear about that, but anyway, so, we went to dinner with some final year friends we have in common. 
To make this clear, while I do have a boyfriend, and while I feel many people know this already, it turns out....not as many people as I thought did know this. The whole dinner basically consisted of everyone questioning us and saying "are you guys ACTUALLY official?", "when's your anniversary date?" and other things like that. It was actually really nice though: this thing with Kevin was just up in the air for so long and since it was these guys who introduced us to one another, it was nice to see the look on their face which just read "my work here is done" hehe. 
After dinner, we took a few photos and then made our way to the ball, where I met so many more of my boyfriend's friends. The night passed so quickly and so happily, but I think one of the most favourite comments I heard was from this girl I met at dinner. Neither Kevin nor I knew her ourselves, but she was friends with the final year economists we went to eat with and she also knew some girls in Kevin's year that I also knew reasonably well as well, and at one point, we all met up together again at the ball and I was kinda of just standing there while Kevin was discussing with his guy friends about drinking or something. I looked over to the girls and saw them looking at me and I was instantly like "oh no, what's going on?" because I couldn't really hear them, but then, almost out of nowhere, I heard:

"....yeah, they're SO cute together, you know?!...."

Not gonna lie; I think we're a bit cute together too.

p.s. happy birthday, monokuro boo! you are an old man and I will, of course, never let you hear the end of that, but it's okay: I will still adore you in your old age anyway miss you muchhh. I very much wish I could be there in person to celebrate with you, but, we'll have time for that later, right? with love; always. 


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