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I've been spending horrible amounts of money this past week. The other day, I bought train tickets that amounted to £65: one set is for going home to visit my family and the other set is for when I go and see my boyfriend in London the weekend after (this will be my first time going to visit him! I'm rather excited!) and then today, I spent £113. But I'm more okay with spending that amount of money at once today because I'M GOING TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT NEXT YEAR!! I'm honestly such an excited fan at the moment hehe, I'm so psyched to see her. Plus, I'll be going with my cousin, so it will definitely be a great night to remember.

Mostly, however, it feels like my money is currently being drained on buying train tickets, since I also went home last weekend. However, that was for a very good cause, because it was for my cousins' baby showers! It was a surprise event that was organised (extremely well, might I add) by a family member and it was such a lovely time spent together! The majority of our generation are females, so it was nice to spend time with almost-every member of the family and celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of the next generation.

University seems to be quite slow moving at the moment: I start labs on Monday, which I think I will much prefer because I am the kind of person who does much better when there is a routine to follow. I've been feeling so unmotivated and lethargic recently as well, so I don't feel like I'm doing as much work as I can, and I really want to do well in my final year of University. 

At least I have some really lovely times to look forward to in the next few weeks; it will be lovely to go home and spend time with my family, and it will be even better to spend a weekend with my boyfriend in London the weekend after that. I also timed the London trip so that we could go and see the fireworks, and bonfire night is legit my most favourite festival ever (Christmas being a tight runner-up). 

Bonfire night, come soon: I miss spending time with my special person very much ~


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