☆ animal fever

I've been a busy bee this week, with so many events going on in my life! (don't worry, I'm not that much of a social butterfly; they all just happened to fall on the same week this year, it seems.)

Monday night, I went to a lovely Turkish restaurant in Bath to celebrate my very good Cypriot friend's birthday. I've never had Turkish food before, but I really enjoyed the food: my flatmate had an amazing moussaka dish, and I picked a lamb main course. Plus, the restaurant gave the table of 18 free pitta bread as starters, free fruit for our dessert, the birthday girl a free bottle of wine, and then all 18 of us a shot of brandy! Mental. Best service ever, and I spent less than £10 that night - definitely a happy bunny.

Thursday night was, of course, halloween and I celebrated that by going along to my Cypriot friend's birthday house party. This year, I dressed up as a bat along with two other friends!

Now, I'm really proud of my outfit because not only did I do some pretty cool eye make up (honestly, that is a success: I am so horrendous at make up), but I also handmade 4 sets of bat wings (one of my friend's dropped out last minute...). So, while I may not be able to make my future children a wide variety of delicious home made food or amazing baked goods, at least I'll be able to make them costumes and sew up their old clothes.
I also realised that I definitely have an animal obsession with halloween, because in my four years at university, I've dressed up as 4 different animals:
  • Black cat
  • White rabbit
  • Blind mouse
  • Bat
Oh dear. Maybe next year, I can try for something a little bit more ambitious. 

Then, Saturday, Bath celebrated the best holiday of the year in my opinion, which is, bonfire night!! of course, I went to go and see the fireworks with my flatmates, but we literally got so drenched. As soon as we left the house, we were walking along this open piece of road and it just started pouring down. Honestly, I have never gotten so wet before and my little ankle boot shoes were full of water. We got rained on again during the actual firework show as well, but I love fireworks so much. I can't describe my love for them, I just know that they make me so happy on the inside. I was actually meant to go to London this weekend and spend it with my boyfriend, but our plans got changed last-minute because he had to go back home. I was really upset and disappointed because I wanted to spend my favourite holiday with him, but actually, it was so nice to go and watch them with University friends because, well, this is the last time I'll be seeing them in Bath (fingers crossed that this year goes well anyway). 
Sadly, I have no photos, because obviously, it was raining cats and dogs and I'm not an idiot and going to whip out my phone in those kinds of conditions.

This weekend, I'm finally travelling down to London to see my boyfriend. I cannot even begin to properly describe just how excited I am to be seeing him. We're apparently going to go to Bicester Shopping Village, which has a Michael Kors, Mulberry and a Vivienne Westwood. Time to make my Christmas list, I think....

p.s. I really tried to include as many animal-themed sayings as I could in this post, but I only got as far as like, three. I know, horrendous, isn't it. 


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