☆ our favourite thing to do together

Top left: sushi buffet at Hi Sushi, Covent Garden ★★☆☆
Top right: Gourmet Burger Kitchen, St. Paul's branch ★★★☆☆
Bottom left: vietnamese food at Mama Pho's, Deptford ★★★★★
Bottom right: breakfast at Wetherspoon's, Surrey Quays ★★★

This is why I will be going to visit my boyfriend in London, rather than he come to Bath. In my four years at Bath, I've realised that the choice of food in this beautiful little city is sadly not diverse, especially when it comes to oriental food. As someone of oriental descent, and whose father is honestly one of the best cooks ever, I haven't found an oriental restaurant that fills my stomach when I crave "home food". 

So, when my boyfriend told me that he was going to take me for noodles the Friday evening I got to London, I was so looking forward to the meal. Vietnamese is one of my most favourite foods ever: I have always loved noodles in soup, be it with a Chinese twist or a pho kind of dish, and I have an equal amount of love for the starter dishes because I just want to order all of them whenever we go and eat Vietnamese food. Either way, between the two of us on Friday, we ordered a well-done beef pho (for me), a mix of well-done and raw beef (for the boy) and the spring rolls as a starter and honestly, the food was amazing. Such lovely food, and for such a good price as well. I might start asking my boyfriend if we can go there every time I come down hehe. 

The next day, we went out together for breakfast at my boyfriend's local wetherspoons branch. I feel like breakfast has become a special thing for us because we've eaten it together so many times in Bath? I ordered the pancake and bacon stack and we shared the traditional breakfast platter. Again, it wasn't the best breakfast we've gone out for (that prize I've kept for Garfunkel's), but for the price we paid, to demand more from it would be greedy. I wasn't happy with my pancakes, which were very glutinous and sticky, even without the maple syrup, but the traditional breakfast was highly enjoyed by both of us (and also enough for us both, although I tend to eat like a little bird anyway).

That being said about my appetite, we went for sushi buffet in central London at the well known Hi-Sushi branch. I've been to the one in Golders Green, which is where my love for salmon skin rolls started, as they were just so yummy when we went there. Sadly, I was disappointed by the Covent Garden branch: the buffet menu is so much more limited (Golders Green have almost a full A4 sheet full of choice versus two receipt sized sheets at CG) and the quality of the food for the price was really not worth it (the salmon skin was chewy versus actually being crispy at GG). I mean, I understand that this is central London so it'll be less choice and whatever, but if we're going to pay about £18 for buffet, then I'll definitely push for the Golders Green branch if anyone suggests going there.

Finally, we had lunch at GBK today after going to church. My boyfriend actually wanted to go to GBK and eat yesterday, but I told him that I didn't want to come all the way to London to eat at a restaurant I had in Bath. Nevertheless, we went along today because a) it was so cold that I didn't want to spend my time wandering around London looking for somewhere else to eat; b) we used to go all the time in Bath, so it was nice to go again at a different branch and c) I should let him choose the places we eat sometimes. My boyfriend being the greedy little pig he is, went for "The Mighty" (aka a double burger), while I chose "Captain Cook" (a fish-fillet burger). We also shared three sides (yes, three; seriously, why do I let him order for us?), which were a portion of skinny fries, a portion of hand-cut fries and a portion of onion rings, and naturally, we struggled to finish it all off completely. 

Overall, I've had a lovely weekend: apart from eating, we also went shopping at Westfield in Stratford and also along Bond Street. We were shopping for furniture for his flat, which did result in bickering at some times ("what about this milk jug?" "I don't like that one." "why not?" "it's not shiny enough.") and it completely exhausted me on Saturday, but I guess, there's worse places to be exhausted than next to your boyfriend, tucked up in bed, cosy and warm and safe. 


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