☆ 6 weeks

So, my last post was literally 2 months ago. Where does time go?

In 6 weeks time, it will be the day after I had my last exam. I won't have any more university lectures to go to, I won't have any more coursework to hand in, I won't have any more university exams (if all goes well!) - I will be in that limbo between uni student-graduation-work. I will most probably be in bed the whole day, catching up on sleep, nursing a huge hangover, and I will lay in bed and watch "House" or "Greys Anatomy" or children movies to make myself feel better.

Some of the things that have happened since I last posted on here, including:
  • Taylor Swift concert (can I go again? I've put my favourite photo up from the whole night, courtesy of my amazing cousin's camera hehe ~)
  • My last and only pharmacy ball
  • I don't know about you, but I turned 22 
And the things I have to look forward to this summer include:
  • The end of my exams
  • Hong Kong trip with my favourite girls
  • Graduation!
  • Hong Kong + South Korea with my sister
  • Starting work!
Wish me luck: 6 weeks will slowly turn into 6 months and then into 6 years and I wonder, how much will it all change by that time?
It's time to start planning the future, just one little step at a time ~


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