☆ Master of Pharmacy First Class Honours

That is what I'm graduating with. I don't think anybody is more surprised than myself.

I left Hong Kong with a new haircut, browner than I have been for the past 3 years and along with the feeling of dread and worry present in my stomach, we had lift off. I sat through the worst flight I've ever had (13 hours of a crying child and where half of the flight was turbulent: not good for someone like me who gets horrible motion sickness). I couldn't sleep properly because I kept thinking about my results. They were going to come out within an hour of us landing, but rumours flew around the pharmacy page that actually, our results would come out later, but then every year they always released them earlier and it was madness and as much as I didn't want it to affect me or stress me out, it just did.

So, we landed and as soon as I could take my phone off of aeroplane mode, I was refreshing my inbox constantly. Through security, through baggage reclaim, through duty free. We were going to get the coach back to Bath so we went to check in and sat down to wait for it to come since we had about an hour to wait. Refresh, refresh, refresh, and then it came. The list. My heart was beating so hard and so fast and I remember trying to log in and my hands shaking. The list was ordered from 1st class to 2:1 and so forth. I'd always said that if the list was ordered that way, then I would start from the end, but because I was looking for my friend's name, we just went down the pages in order. I saw my friend's name and then I saw my name! On the same list! I'm not joking, I shrieked when I saw my name and it was so loud, that some people came up to me and asked me what I was making noise about.

So, graduation is on the 2nd July and I can now plan for it without the after thought of "if I pass". I need a new dress, possibly some new shoes and I guess maybe some new make up would be nice too (although I think I'm just writing a general shopping list now). I also want to write up a proper blog post about my holiday to Hong Kong, but I'm busy packing since I'm going to leave Bath on Sunday. It's funny how bare my room looks right now, but it's about time to move out, I think. For now, I'll leave you a snap from Disneyland: it's so perfect because a) it's Disneyland; b) I have minnie mouse ears; c) it's Sleeping Beauty's castle and d) it kinda shows off my new hair.

For now, I'll take one day at a time. I only have 5 weeks-ish before I start my job, so I need to make the most of this final summer holiday. So, tomorrow, I am going to sit in bed and binge watch OITNB season 2. Quite honestly, that sounds like a perfect day to me.


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