☆ summertime happiness

So, first week post-exams has been tiring and straining on my bank accounts to say the least. To be fair, I've had a couple of lovely days of rest, but the days where I've done things with my friends has been really expensive, but hey: I'll be making that money back very soon (hopefully!)

The best part of my week has to be the summer ball (partly because I finally got to see KM hehe). I still remember last year, when I went to my first one and where we first started telling people about us. I was being introduced to all of his friends so it was kinda fun this year to have the roles reversed. Rizzle Kicks were our main act of the night, and they were....okay, I guess? They aren't really the reason why I went - I went because I wanted a lovely night to remember with my best friends and I did that, so, I guess the summer ball was a success!

Dress: Missguided  | Shoes: Republic 

Tomorrow, I'll be flying to Hong Kong with 3 of my best friends. Back in October when we first booked it, I was so so so excited and I'm not any less excited, but I do feel a bit weird. Maybe because this is the first time I've been away from my boyfriend: it's not like we live together but we're so used to speaking by text, FaceTime, phone calls, that I don't remember what it was like before. He was a bit of a grumpy guts today, which I think is to do with me going away. Don't worry, KM, I'll be back soon ~~
I think another reason is that I just miss my parents massively: I went home for a day trip to pick up my luggage and it was probably worse than not going home. I miss my family so much, words cannot express it. 

However, I am looking forward to seeing my HK family, getting my hair done, lots of photos, lots of fun and lots of sun! I've packed 3 bikinis, jumpsuits, dresses, shorts: all the fashion pieces that I could not get away with wearing in UK. 
Hong Kong, wait for us! this tomorrow, I'll be on that plane, heading your way. 


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