☆ August celebrations

Apparently, it's less than 21 weeks to Christmas. How is it possible that 2013 is going so quickly?

So, England's weather is still unusual. It rained and was cold on Tuesday, but today (Thursday), it reached 30 degrees in the dispensary. not cool when there isn't any air conditioning at work. plus, I'm doing a 6-day week this week: just remember, you need the money, Annabel...

I enter August with great news though! Two of my cousins are expecting, with only a day between their due dates!
It's all very exciting, because the next generation is coming. I sound really very old, although I'm only 21, but it's a very important milestone: one of my cousin's has already had a daughter, but she lives in Hong Kong, so I don't think that's quite hit home yet, but once these two new additions are born, it will be very real.

August already. It's my 6 month anniversary in September (everyone say aww. not.) It's not the greatest of milestones, but it's still quite special to me. I've known my silly boy for so long. I mean, we could have already had a year, 2 years behind us, but timing really is everything, isn't it?

My moods have been interesting recently, to say the least. I'm happy, but very stressed. I feel like I don't know what to do with my future, in terms of my pre-reg year. Where shall I apply? Am I good enough? What's my backup plan? Do I even have a back-up plan?
It feels odd that actually, by the time I have my 7 month anniversary, I will know what I'll be doing in my pre-reg year. 

It seems so far, and yet, it's really just around the corner. It scares me.  

At times like this, I really really miss my boy: 

I guess my memories will have to do for now.


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