☆ stressful summers

So, if anyone who even reads my blog follows me on twitter, you'll know that for the past week (or past month), I've been tweeting about my pre-reg application.
It's been one of the most stressful times of my pharmacy student life, if I'm honest. I would rank it up there alongside exams, that's how bad I've found it. I am so passionate to do my pre-reg year in a hospital, but whether or not I get called for an interview all depends on how they find me on paper. Well, I submitted my application this morning and now, all I can do is wait and prepare for any interviews (if I get any).

But, I haven't just been doing my application non-stop since I finished work 2 weeks ago. I just came back from Bath, after visiting my boyfriend. He had to re-do one of his exams, so there was a lot of pressure on him to ace the toughest exam in the whole pharmacy course at Bath Uni, and so, I went back to take care of him. You know, cook him meals, clean the house, just keep him general company. He had his exam yesterday and then we left Bath this morning so we didn't have much time to spend together, but he's just bought a flat in London and it's all done up now! All he has to do is buy a load of new furniture for it and then he can live in it, so, hopefully, that means he can be closer to me before I go back to Uni at the end of September/October.

Before I went to Bath though, I spent a lovely day at the beach with some of my oldest friends, and with the addition of a new friend. I love spending time with these girls because no matter how long it may have been since we last spoke, when we meet up again, it feels like no time has passed and there's no awkwardness there - we instantly click and chat as though I saw them just the other day. This was quite a special meeting because I had the chance to meet a very special person in my friend's life. It was really lovely, you know, and when I think back to the day, I know that they will just be some of the most sweetest memories I will have and I can just imagine us in 10 years time: hopefully married and with kids of our own, we'll probably reminisce about this day hehe.

But, yes, how is it already the end of August?! Where has my summer gone? Hopefully, September will be full of good news. I'm looking forward to starting my final year as a pharmacy student, but I'm definitely not ready for it yet - looks like I'm going to have to hit the books again soon....wish me luck, secret blog readers!


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