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Hello, September!
So, this month calls for the start of autumn, job interviews (!! I got interviews!!) and the start of my final year at University. I know I say this at the beginning of every month, but seriously, how did we get to the 9th month of 2013 already?!

Lots of people have been asking me when I'm going back to Bath to start my final year, and to be perfectly honest, I really haven't thought that far ahead yet. I think a part of me would just like to stay at home and be with my family. Even though I always complain about being in Kent, I love being with my parents, and my little sister.
As well as that, I love being with my church family. It's very funny: before I found God, I would never have described my parents, myself and my little sister as being a "family". But now, God has blessed me with not only one, but two families - my blood family, and my family in Christ.

Yesterday, I was reminded of just how loved I am by my church family, when I introduced my boyfriend to them all for the first time. Honestly, I was so nervous to bring him along. It'd taken me so much effort to convince him to come along, and I know that he isn't particularly open to religion, which is very difficult for myself, when I am so strong in mine. However, he always said he'd make an effort to try it for me, and at this moment in time, that is all I can ask of him - that he would give it a try. So, I invited him, but it was not the best set of circumstances. I knew he'd be tired, from leaving home so early, and when he's tired, he tends to be slightly more unsociable, slightly more snappy at people and that just made me ever more anxious.
But let me tell you guys; God works in such amazing ways. He is so amazing that when I asked my boyfriend to come along to church again in a few weeks time, he said he'd "probably make it". God, you never cease to amaze me.

As well as spending time with my church family, I also met up with my two uncles for dinner! It was such a special occasion because one of my uncles lives in Hong Kong now, so we always make an effort to meet up when he comes back. We went to this little tapas restaurant in Soho called Barrafina: very expensive, but you do get your money's worth. I don't particularly have a very "posh palette", but even for someone as fussy as myself, I really enjoyed all of the things we ate (although I did skip the ox meat).

I have two job interviews next week with two of my hospital choices!! I'm so nervous/excited because by the end of next week, I should know where I'll be working after I graduate. I just have to work a little bit longer, remain calm a little bit longer and have faith for a little bit longer. It has been a super stressful period of my life and I only have a little more to go - wish me luck, everyone! 


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