☆ transitions

I have been at home for 104 days this summer.
  • 14 days doing a hospital placement; 
  • 24 days working in my community pharmacy; 
  • 4 days in Birmingham with my boyfriend; 
  • 7 days in Bath;
  • 104 days stressing about where I will do my pre-registration placement in 2014/15.
I go back to University tomorrow and to be quite honest, I am the usual mixture of excitement/sadness I always am when it comes to moving anywhere. On the one hand, I'm so excited to get back to my friends and my own house, and finish off my final year of Uni; on the other hand, I love being at home with my family and I know I will miss them a lot, especially after all of the support they have given me this summer with everything.

I hope that 2013/2014 will be as good as 2012/2013 was: this academic year, I achieved so many things, many of which weren't even academically related. If I could have another year of achievements like that, I would (hopefully) be able to graduate happily. I might have some regrets (first year was by far, my most difficult year), but I wouldn't change anything for the world.
Come at me, fourth year; I'm ready for you.

On another note, I am extremely looking forward to going back to Bath because hello, vintage shopping! Bath is actually pretty good for vintage shopping, if you put the effort in and since I have literally 4 lectures for the WHOLE semester (I have a 9 week research project, but that won't take up all my time now....) I foresee lots of shopping to be done.

I'm on the hunt for a lovely mustard coloured knitted oversized cardigan/jumper, and I also want one in an emerald colour. You have no idea how difficult it is to look for these two items, seriously. I also recently fell in love with these shoes from Zara, but alas, I cry because the heel is so high and I'm so tall already ): so, I'm on the hunt for similar shoes which maybe aren't so high.

This post is a bit of a mess because it kind of has a bit of everything, but I guess it describes me very well - I'm a little jumble of emotions at the moment, I guess. All I know for certain is that I am so excited for the end of the year and Christmas-themed drinks at Starbucks, pretty lights in the street and wearing scarves and mittens. But for now, before we get to that, I guess I'll enjoy the autumnal scenery that Bath offers at this time of the year.


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