☆ you make me

re the title: avicii's "you make me" is my new house anthem. love it.

So, I've been back in Bath for 5 days. In those 5 days, I've been to the hospital twice, caught a cold, developed laryngitis and lost my voice.

I am just not cut out for freshers week anymore.
To be fair, the hospital visits had nothing to do with partying: I woke up the morning after getting to Bath and I had a blister on my eye. eurck. Turns out I had a severe eye infection, so I've been using antibacterial eye drops along with lubricating ones every hour/two hours. Contact lenses users beware: take good care of your eyes.

The laryngitis and cold though, I'm sure they're because I went out on Friday with my flatmates. We had a great time nonetheless; we always do! I even took two polaroids before going out (mind my afro hair: seriously, I need a haircut, someone tell me what haircut would look good with my long face???)

So, lectures start again tomorrow. I say lectures: I have like, 2 lectures this whole semester. But I'm not slacking off in my final year. Pharmacy 4th year students at Bath do a research project in their first semester. I'm lucky enough to be working alongside one of my really great friends and the title of our project is: 

"Evaluation of the susceptibility of skin cells to the ultraviolet A component of sunlight - comparison of skin cells from normal individuals with those isolated from the patients suffering from neurodegenerative disease Friedreich's ataxia."

Basically, our project tutor is currently involved in research that is looking at sunscreen that is activated by UVA sun rays and yeah, it's totally nerdy, but I'm super excited to get started on that.

I have a good feeling for this year. I should be booking my graduation trip to Hong Kong with my flatmates this week, and I just feel like things are generally on the up. It's looking good: let's just hope this lasts~~


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